Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today brought Me a Gift.

These last few days I have been struggling with my drawing.  Something wasn't clicking with my heart, hand, and mind, and then translating that to paper. 

But then, today brought me a gift. 

I threw my hands up in frustration and decided to have mommy time with my kids and we went for a bike ride.  This couldn't have been a better choice. 

Good disguised as a bad day. 

After tiring ourselves out, we stopped to rest in the refreshing evening spring breeze and my sweetest Ellie, began to pick the biggest bouquet of dandy lions I have ever seen.  And the pure joy she got from gathering and then giving her precious bundle to me was like fire for my creative soul!  Thank heavens I don't go any where now with out sketch pad and pencil.  Right away I sketched her flower picking efforts.  And low and behold, I am back in business brimming with inspiration.  Thanks sweet girl for loving the joys in everyday!

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