Sunday, July 8, 2012

If You Like It, Put A Name On It

I know my kids are tickled pink when a gift comes with their name on it.  There is a specialness that comes with a personalized name gift that can't quite be compared.  When I was tweaking a few illustrations the other day, my youngest and most precocious girl made this comment: 

"Hey, Mom, I think this would look TOOOONNNSSS better if it had my name on it.  Don't you think?"

And there it is.  Personalization, custom naming, the thing that makes little hearts go pitter patter.
If you like it, put a name on it.

So in honor of my darling 5 year old who knows what she wants, all my prints can be personlized with a child's name for free.  Just send me a quick convo or leave me a note in 'message to seller' upon check out.  I will be in touch shortly to sort out the details of making your unique Wonder Lane Art just an ounce more special. 

Eventually all listings will have their own custom options listed.

Here is a peek at personalization in action:
Coral red and aqua whale print.

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  1. Your artwork is so cute. My teenage boys probably wouldn't appreciate it but I have young Nieces!