Monday, April 30, 2012

Theatre Clouds

I couldn't go any further in my day without sharing the work of Elly Mackay from theater clouds on Etsy.  I am floored by the imagery, emotion, and content of her work.  I want to jump right into one of her paper theater prints and stay for a short holiday!

I instantly fell in love with this:

and this:

There are so many amazing prints, please head over to her shop and have your own mini holiday right in your very own home!

Learning the Ropes of Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter

The silver lining to throwing out ones back is that I have time to lie around on the couch...I guess.  But I have learned how to make a facebook page, (which ended up not being as mysterious as I had thought), finally figuring out how to post a live link on twitter, and getting my groove on over at Etsy. 

So I do have a facebook page...Missy Anne of Wonder Lane Art.  It feels so jr. high, but will you like me?  Say you will.

Other news, my kids kill me with their games.  Yesterday, since I was out of commission, ie laying on the couch, they created this elaborate game of "My Mini Restaurant", complete with rooftop green house with two specialized gardens.  One could even purchase a ticket for a tour.  I needed to take pictures but I couldn't move.  So please feel free to be as generous and creative in your own imaginations as possible.  They seriously had spread the entire game all over the living room and play area and used every kitchen item I owned.

Good news, today is a new day and I feel almost back to normal!  Watch out laundry!

Also what do you think about downloadable PDF coloring pages on my site?  Is that something that would interest the little people in your life?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Surprise, I am Open!!!

My print proof came early and that means...My shop is full and open!  I spent all night and some early morning hours to load and list each print.  My brain is fried but it is so worth it.  This is an exciting day for me!

You can view all the 21 prints I have for sale at my sweet shop Wonder Lane Art on Etsy.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Thanks for taking a peek!  Enjoy your stay!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today brought Me a Gift.

These last few days I have been struggling with my drawing.  Something wasn't clicking with my heart, hand, and mind, and then translating that to paper. 

But then, today brought me a gift. 

I threw my hands up in frustration and decided to have mommy time with my kids and we went for a bike ride.  This couldn't have been a better choice. 

Good disguised as a bad day. 

After tiring ourselves out, we stopped to rest in the refreshing evening spring breeze and my sweetest Ellie, began to pick the biggest bouquet of dandy lions I have ever seen.  And the pure joy she got from gathering and then giving her precious bundle to me was like fire for my creative soul!  Thank heavens I don't go any where now with out sketch pad and pencil.  Right away I sketched her flower picking efforts.  And low and behold, I am back in business brimming with inspiration.  Thanks sweet girl for loving the joys in everyday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Illustration Inspiration

Wednesday finds me today with some great finds on Pinterest.  Today these caught my fancy.  Let's start with this yellow number courtesy of Southern Grace and Sunshine on Tumblr.

How could this be any cuter, I ask?  The mock bow and the attention to detail make this dress amazing.  Plus that little girl is sunshine herself.

Next, presented by Violette Field Threads, a gorgeous line of clothing for kids.
I love the southern throw back this darling chevron maxi dress does for this sweet girl.  That hat is the icing on the cake!  And last but absolutely in no way least...behold this precious apron.

Charlaanee over at Etsy has amazing flair for girly and gingham.  I can picture little girls baking up a storm in these sweet ditties.

Happy looking!

GIMP 2.6 or Building New Art Muscles.

It has been a long night for sure getting the workings of Gimp under my belt for illustration coloring.  I am exited to master this skill and make my illustrations shine, but in the mean time I think I better get a hot pack, wrap my neck up from bending over at the computer all day and go to bed!

So for tonight a sneak peek of what I have been working on...

 Tomorrow...figuring out watermarks.  Exciting stuff, folks!