Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vacation and Inspiration

It was great to take a step back and think only about my family, playing with the kids, and site seeing this last week!  Thanks for hanging in there.  But back I am and in full force. 

I thought you might find my inspiration progression amusing so here it goes...
Cute, but a little dull?  Something wasn't sitting right with me.  When I woke up this morning I decided she needed a little more...oomph.
Better, but still not quite right.  Something is missing...but what?  It took me all day and then some to figure it out.  After drawing this sweet lamb I had the lovely old fashioned nursery rhyme stuck in my head.  And there we had it.
Baby Lamb
A little vintage, a cup of cute, and a dash of nursery rhyme and I fell in love.  Sweetness of the white lamb kind for any girls room decor.

Now off to snuggle kids that can't seem to quite fall a sleep tonight.  I think I know what I will tell them as a bedtime story!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spreading the News!

Red and Orange Songbirds
These red and orange songbirds are spreading the good news.  With spring in full force now, that means summer is just right around the corner.  What awaits you this summer?
Red Balloon Girl - Sea to Sea

Maybe, a summer full of balloon adventures like, this red balloon girl awaits just across the sea!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Because Of Kindess!

I was just headed off to bed and had to check my shop stats one. more. time. I am a little obsessed as of late with SEO and how to fix my tags and titles, but not to bore you all with the details of those keyboard headbanging efforts.  And what do I find in my blogging feed?  Well, a sweet post on my little print...
Flowers for Mother

Please, go over and give them some blog love!  I feel so truly blessed to meet such amazing people through such unique ways!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keeping Up with the Kids

My kids are greatly creative which can and often equals huge messes.  I love that they are creative, but have to admit that cleaning up some of it is not.  So today I am turning my frowny face upside down, and looking for a smile...these are my daily inspirations.

*finger paint all the way up to our elbows and sometimes the wall, seat, and floor...

*play dough masterpieces that we can smash as big giants, plus if you wait for playdough to dry in the carpet it picks right out...

*jammy kisses and sticky fingers, sometimes at the same time...okay, almost always at the same time...

*the smell of crayons, hopefully on paper and not in my dryer...

*stepping on legos because the creation was so impressive I forgot to look where I was going...

*braiding long Rapunzel hair and the ability to transform it from a rats nest into a lovely french twist...

 *eating cookie dough with the kids  because a spoon full of cookie dough helps the mess go away...

What things do you love about your upside down days?
Catching Butterlflies

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will It Ever End?

This is why I illustrate.

I can't put it into better words.  Over at MCKMama, her post about, "Will It Ever End?", the constant bothers of motherhood that are being veiled to really be precious moments that go too fast.

This is what I illustrate.

Keeping those dreams, hopes, little hands, locked in my heart through the use of my ink.

Take some tissues you moms out there and have a great read! Will It Ever End?

Best Friends