Monday, April 30, 2012

Learning the Ropes of Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter

The silver lining to throwing out ones back is that I have time to lie around on the couch...I guess.  But I have learned how to make a facebook page, (which ended up not being as mysterious as I had thought), finally figuring out how to post a live link on twitter, and getting my groove on over at Etsy. 

So I do have a facebook page...Missy Anne of Wonder Lane Art.  It feels so jr. high, but will you like me?  Say you will.

Other news, my kids kill me with their games.  Yesterday, since I was out of commission, ie laying on the couch, they created this elaborate game of "My Mini Restaurant", complete with rooftop green house with two specialized gardens.  One could even purchase a ticket for a tour.  I needed to take pictures but I couldn't move.  So please feel free to be as generous and creative in your own imaginations as possible.  They seriously had spread the entire game all over the living room and play area and used every kitchen item I owned.

Good news, today is a new day and I feel almost back to normal!  Watch out laundry!

Also what do you think about downloadable PDF coloring pages on my site?  Is that something that would interest the little people in your life?

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