Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vacation and Inspiration

It was great to take a step back and think only about my family, playing with the kids, and site seeing this last week!  Thanks for hanging in there.  But back I am and in full force. 

I thought you might find my inspiration progression amusing so here it goes...
Cute, but a little dull?  Something wasn't sitting right with me.  When I woke up this morning I decided she needed a little more...oomph.
Better, but still not quite right.  Something is missing...but what?  It took me all day and then some to figure it out.  After drawing this sweet lamb I had the lovely old fashioned nursery rhyme stuck in my head.  And there we had it.
Baby Lamb
A little vintage, a cup of cute, and a dash of nursery rhyme and I fell in love.  Sweetness of the white lamb kind for any girls room decor.

Now off to snuggle kids that can't seem to quite fall a sleep tonight.  I think I know what I will tell them as a bedtime story!

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