Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spreading the News!

Red and Orange Songbirds
These red and orange songbirds are spreading the good news.  With spring in full force now, that means summer is just right around the corner.  What awaits you this summer?
Red Balloon Girl - Sea to Sea

Maybe, a summer full of balloon adventures like, this red balloon girl awaits just across the sea!


  1. Beautiful art work :). So fun and summery

    Saying hello from interactive blogging team

    The Dorothy Days

  2. I love your artwork, so whimsical!
    I'm also visiting from the interactive blogging team :)

  3. Hello from Interactive Blogging! We could definitely go for a sweet summer of balloon adventure...sounds like a ticket to memorable fun :)

    Sweet and energetic post!

    ~Lorrie and Sampson