Sunday, May 6, 2012

Because Of Kindess!

I was just headed off to bed and had to check my shop stats one. more. time. I am a little obsessed as of late with SEO and how to fix my tags and titles, but not to bore you all with the details of those keyboard headbanging efforts.  And what do I find in my blogging feed?  Well, a sweet post on my little print...
Flowers for Mother

Please, go over and give them some blog love!  I feel so truly blessed to meet such amazing people through such unique ways!


  1. I feel the same way! I have met the sweetest people through Etsy! (And some of the meanest too, but that's why I stay away from the forums now and just stick to my lovely teams.)

    Following you!

  2. Francesa, you are awesome! Thanks for coming by and leaving me my first ever comment! Made my day! And yes, I am loving working in teams versus getting the luck of the mood in forums! Thanks for the follow too.